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Professional coaching for mission-driven INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS

Teresa Mastrangelo Coaching Logo

Professional coaching for mission-driven individuals and teams

Coaching for social and service sector organizations

Working one-on-one or with a leadership team,  Teresa can help your company create a better future by transforming how you and your team perform your work.


Teresa works with C-suite managers to build upon their strengths and grow necessary capabilities to elevate their executive presence, and have impact on their organization’s stakeholders. We may explore critical factors necessary for success: mission, strategy, business development, people, and execution.


Teresa collaborates with the team leader and team members to improve the human dynamics among the leadership group to meet strategic and operational goals. Clients see increased accountability, better communication among peers, recognition of decision making styles, and experience the joy of making good decisions and empowering their staff.  She supports the leader to give agency to diverse voices in a team, resulting in more innovative solutions.  


One-on-one coaching is available for clients looking for significant progress in their current position (such as a promotion). Teresa also coaches clients to tackle self-limiting beliefs, resolve weaknesses and ameliorate behavior-related concerns identified in performance reviews. In these coaching sessions, we may discuss the client’s family, relationships, finances, health, education, and recreation in addition to professional challenges.

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Teresa B. Mastrangelo

Teresa B. Mastrangelo is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. She works with mission-driven individuals and leadership teams in the social and services sectors who want to create a better future by transforming how they perform their work. Teresa started coaching because she wanted to apply her business acumen to improve people’s lives.  She believes that people should be set up for success by capitalizing on their strengths and bolstering their weaknesses through intentional career development and training.

Considering a Career Change?

Mapping Your Career Journey:

A step-by-step strategy for a successful job search

Clients considering career change are encouraged to enroll in Mapping Your Career Journey, a course developed by Teresa to provide comprehensive support through their job search. By developing an understanding of their personal strengths, clients develop precise career objectives, and undertake targeted networking to acquire a new position.


IFDC contracted Teresa Mastrangelo’s services to re-organize the Business Development team, identify and select an experienced leader, and establish a sound process to vet and value business opportunities. IFDC is very optimistic with the progress achieved after one year of Teresa’s support.

A. Hubscher

President and CEO, IFDC


Through the awareness I built as a result of Teresa’s coaching, I changed my approach to leading my international team, across two continents, to make a go of our new venture through contentious and challenging times.

M. Rizos

Chief Executive Officer, Aurarius Investment Group


I really enjoy hearing from new and returning clients. Drop me a line using this form or reach out directly by phone.

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